General Information:

Another Pool is a 2D computer billiards simulation with an acceptable physical behaviour of the balls using SDL as graphical subsystem.

Besides the 2D releases for MS-DOS and Linux/Windows a 3D OpenGL relaease is available: Another Pool GL. Furthermore the source code for the 2D-release can be obtained on this page.


Linux-SDL (2D)


    Apool Screenshot

When the game was designed in 1995, there was taken care of a realistic ball motion. The result looks quite acceptable apart from beeing the table a bit too slippery... ;-)
It's possible to cue with top, back and side spin. It's furthermore possible to change the angle between cue and table and play "masse shots" (curve balls).

There is also a computer opponent implemented which - let's say - doesn't play very clever. But it should be good enough to beat you in most cases! ;-)

The table - most likely the size of the pockets - is customizable. Furthermore the "physical behaviour" of the balls and walls can be changed. The screen resolution can easily be changed easily using the "-xy width height" option when using the SDL-release.

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apool-0.982 - source

Technical Information:


Right after 7 years of developement ;-) a Linux/Win32-release is available. It was ported from the DOS-release and also developed in Gnu-C (gcc) using the OpenSource graphics-library SDL and the add-on SDL_gfx. Look here for detailed information on Win32-Support. The source should also compile on other Unix systems if SDL is installed properly.

MS-DOS Release:

Yo! That's it. The good old MS-DOS release from 1995. Look in some museum for a computer like a 486DX and check this out!
The game was programmed in C (Gnu-C for MS-DOS: (djgpp) under old fashioned MS-DOS 6.2 and uses the graphics library libgrx20. Your machine found in th emuseum must have a floating point unit and support VESA graphic modes to run this game. Under Win9x the game was seen to run in a DOS Box.